Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NFL quarterback abandons fiancee at the altar hours before their Caribbean destination wedding

To everyone's bewilderment, Jason Campbell, a quarterback player from the Oakland Raiders, left her blushing bride-to-be at the altar after fleeing his destination wedding in the Caribbean just hours before he was due to get married to his fiancee, Jenny Montes.

But surprisingly enough, he didn't just abandon her and leave without an explanation, he simply called off the wedding just hours before the ceremony was scheduled to begin with no obvious explanation to the 162 guests who where left stranded at the pre-wedding reception in the Dominican Republic.

Jason Campbell, 30, and his girlfriend of two years, Jenny Montes, 32, had chosen a romantic Dominican Republic wedding in the bride-to-be's native island and while the wedding was fully organised to go ahead on Saturday, the couple suddenly announced its cancellations with no plans for future dates announced so far.

The runaway groom was quick to squelch rumours that he had left his fiance at the altar and he told The Washington Post: "I love her enough not to leave her at the altar, I love her enough to talk to her before it gets that far."

Despite all the rumoured animosity, the couple seem to remain on good terms regardless as they are still together in the Dominican Republic with her family and simply decided to turn all destination wedding plans into a relaxing holiday. In Campbell's own words, they "just made a vacation out of it".

Before the wedding's abrupt cancellation the pair had been quite open about their relationship and talked about their wedding plans and how they had decided to opt for destination weddings in the Dominican Republic since Ms Montes was a Dominican-born native. A few months before the wedding date Jenny had Tweeted: "I just tried on my wedding dress n I start cryin 4 the first time! I can't believe I am gettin married! Its so pretty! I Feel like Cinderella,' she posted on October 6."

Talking about the future, Campbel says they are still discussing what the next step will be, "We're not trying to force anything right now. We're taking everything one day at a time, trying to let all the air and the dust clear," he revealed.

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