Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Island Destination Wedding Tips

Ever dream of having a destination wedding?  John and I got married in St John's, USVI.  It was such an amazing experience!  We spent a week vacationing on the island with our families before the wedding and then took a ferry by ourselves to St. Thomas for our honeymoon.  There are definitely a few things that I wish I knew going into an island wedding.  I'm going to share my tips with you today.1.  Bring Spanks.  I thought, "I'm a casual bride... I'm getting married on an island... I don't need to wear Spanks!"  Huge mistake.  The heat from the sun and the sticky humidity created quite the situation under my dress.  I had major heat rash/leg chafing which resulted in having to wear leggings for my whole honeymoon!  When brides ask me for advice about upcoming island weddings, this is the first pearl of wisdom that comes to mind.  And quite possibly the most important.2.  Hire a wedding planner.  My experience planning a wedding was fairly easy because 1. John helped a LOT and 2. our wedding planner took care of almost everything!  There were still some things we had to take care of like filing for our wedding license, choosing a wedding site, giving our planner a good idea of what we like, menu planning, etc.  Our lady sent over all sorts of things that we had to fill out to customize our wedding.  We were a little worried about how everything would turn out because after we did our part there was little we could control from thousands of miles away-- but our planner did a beautiful job and our wedding was perfect.3.  Stay on top of your sunscreen / bug repellant.  I got a nasty sunburn snorkeling the day before my wedding and zipping up my dress was pretty painful.  I also had a million bug bites that basically look like measles or zits in most of my wedding photos.4.  Choose an alternate wedding location that you love. There's a good chance it could rain if you're getting married during the summer months.  The villa we were staying at had a gorgeous covered gazebo which was perfect for a back-up wedding location.  I wasn't stressed out at all-- rain or shine I was going to have a beautiful wedding.  5.  Consider your hair/makeup carefully.  You might think that a tropical island filled with fancy hotels would have top hairstylists and makeup artists.  St. John's is a small island and only has 2 big hotels.  The girl who did our nails was awful and the spa at the Westin had the ambiance of an old dentist's office.  If you really want your hair and makeup to dazzle, you might consider bringing your hair and makeup superstars with you.  That way you can practice at home and know you'll like how you look on your big day.  If you're doing your hair DIY style, it's important to consider how the humidity will affect your hair.  Try different products ahead of time to keep your hair beautiful all day.  Click here for 10 gorgeous DIY wedding hair tutorials.6.  Consider the time of your wedding.  The time of your wedding can affect your wedding pictures as well as how "private" your wedding will be.  The sun is really bright in the morning and early afternoon and can cause you to squint in your wedding photos.  However, a sunset wedding could invite extra beach "guests".  If you get married at a resort you will have more control over who is on the beach during your ceremony.  

If you have any tips for island weddings, please share them in the comments or on Mister G's Facebook page.  xo, Ashley


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