Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedding Entertainment: The Best Dance Bands

David Levin Entertainment has been booking nationally ranked corporate show bands for over 12 years. According to David Levin; "This year, Show Bands are the trendiest and hottest dance cover bands being booked for weddings and events. An example of one of the most exciting show bands  is STARSTRUCK."

STARSTUCK is a 7 to 14 piece high energy dance band featuring three Hollywood Actress Vocalists along with a dynamic male lead vocalist. They are based in Los Angeles but love to travel and have performed as far away as The MGM Macao.
STARSTRUCK's female vocalists are close friends who started the band after they moved to Hollywood from Hawaii. Their fabulous choreography, exceptional "stage presence" and vocal harmony produce an evening of unparalleled entertainment. The Band loves doing themed events and showcases costumes to fit any occasion. 

Audiences have been raving about their continuous music performances and their "Decades Show" with separate sets of 70s dance hits, 80s dance hits before doing a set or two of Contemporary dance hits.

"STARSTRUCK was fantastic. The night was a huge success."
B. Eggelston, Senior VP Advantage Marketing Group Las Vegas, NV

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