Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wedding Reception Tips: The Last Dance

When it is considered how much time effort and money goes into arranging the wedding day, it is amazing how quickly it goes by and before long there is the last dance being played and all the guests are getting ready to leave.

While there are bigger decisions to make regarding the wedding entertainment the last dance is something a lot of people will remember and getting the mood right is important. The first dance is the one that most people want to be sure of as this is the one that will mean something special to the couple. Then there will be the dances with members of the bridal party and possibly the wedding dollar dance. It can be thought that the wedding last dance will not matter as much as many guests will have left and others may not be in a state to remember.

By the end of the night the reception may well have taken on a less romantic and much more informal feeling. Few wedding receptions will end with a choreographed effort as is becoming popular for the beginning but it will be nice to have something that can be enjoyed by everyone who is still there.

Most locations will have a closing time so make sure that there is time to play the music for the last dance. Giving the guests a last happy memory is a great thing to do so rather than choose a romantic ballad that often symbolises the end of an evening make it up beat and happy. Choosing a ballad will mean that certain people will not be able to join in so if it is something that can be danced to by a group then it will get more people on the dance floor.

The D.J will have information about the sort of song that works well and if it is discussed in advance they can make sure that they have it with them. A great thing about having a last dance planned, and having it announced as that, means that you get to decide when the wedding reception ends rather than just have people suddenly realize nothing is really happening anymore. Once the last dance song has been played you can feel free to leave if you want and it will be up to the remaining guests to decide what they will do.

If you want to get everyone up, then something like New York, New York will normally get people on their feet. As the wedding reception end draws nearer many guests will want to make the most of the last few minutes so this may encourage them to join in. If there is a wide age range of guests and maybe they are from different cultures it could be arranged to have a medley played so as there will be something for everyone. This will have to be arranged well in advance to allow the dj to put it together so if the last dance is a last minute decision it can only realistically be one song played.

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