Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Felt Rose Tutorial

I promised to post a tutorial showing you how I make my felt roses.  I know there are a lot of tutorials for making felt flowers out there-- but I wanted to make my mine because it's so easy!  No downloadable templates, no tracing on felt... 

You will need:
1 sheet of felt for your flower
1 sheet of felt (or scraps) for your leaves
Hot glue gun

First, take your felt and fold it in half (hamburger style).  Fold it in half again.  Cut down the folds so you have 4 long strips and then make 3 cuts, yielding 3 sets of squares and a skinny rectangle.  
 From your squares, cut 9 circles.
Cut around the edges of 8 of your circles to make a scalloped edge.  Trim the edge of the 9th circle to make it a bit smaller-- this will be the base of your flower.  Grab your skinny rectangle too.
 Fold your scalloped circles in half, and then half once more.  Snip a tiny bit off of the tips.
 Using hot glue, glue 4 folded, scalloped circles to the base of your flower.
Glue 2 more folded, scalloped circles to your flower-- opposite of each other along the seams of the base petals.
Take your rectangle and snip off one top corner.  Fold down the other top corner 
  Roll it up-- rolling the folded side first and the cut corner will be on the outside.
 Glue the base of the roll up to the center of the flower.
 Glue the last 2 petals down in the space remaining.
If you feel your flower needs a little perking up in places, you can use tiny scraps of your felt to add some extra oomph!
Hope you enjoy making your felt roses!  Click here for more felt flower tutorials.  


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