Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To Bride, A Wedding Dream

Every little girl has a shared dream, that is, to be Cinderella, meet her prince charming, and then to be the most beautiful bride all over the world. A memorable wedding is a best start to your new life. A fantastic wedding, just like a glass of mellow wine, gives you a happy memory to cherish.

On a bright sunny day, with the bless of all of Janie's relatives and friends, Janie and her husband had their wedding on a tropical island. Gentle wind, warm sunshine, within pure happy smile on her face, she was recommended to the groom from her father. Within the romantic music, a warm and moving love story of theirs was unfolded for everybody presented, and it brought everybody, especially the new couple recalled their sweet memory at that moment.

Maybe he is not so handsome, or very rich, and you are not a pretty girl in other's view, but he is the man who you loves and loves you most in this world.,that's enough. You are nor a princess, and this is ain't a fairy tale, while an expected wedding gives you the promise which let your dream come true. When you hear the applause, look at everyone with grateful eyes, listen to your heart and the heart of your loved ones, speak words of affirmation of your life and be grateful for your life with all its blessings, you are the happiest girl in this world.

No matter n the beach or in the church, health or illness, rich or poor, cold or hot, all the outer concerns can not stop you achieving your wedding dream. All presented person delivering you the most sincere blessing propels you toward the future life you envision. That is the magic of love, I believe!

Of course, a good wedding plan should be developed according to your own actual situation. And then get prepared of everything helps your wedding to be orderly progress. Choosing a suitable wedding gown, dresses up yourself the most stunning bride in every eye. God bless you, please pursue your wedding dream with the one you loves.

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