Friday, December 16, 2011

Pom Poms

Finally, I figured out a use for my handmade t-shirt yarn... Pom poms!  I used all of my white t-shirt yarn to make a snowflake pom pom garland.  Click here for a tutorial on how to make a pom pom.
Believe it or not- but some of my very favorite Christmas things are in the photo above.  The tree stump is from the bottom of John and my first Christmas tree!  Did you notice the tiny snowmen next to the stump?  My mom made them!  They are so sweet.  I love the baby snowman that the mama is holding.  
p.s. that's my craft room behind the garland :) 

It's not red and green... but Marquette's basketball season this year is making John feel like Christmas came early.  I made John this Marquette baby blue pom pom garland to proudly hang above the television for the rest of the season.


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