Monday, April 1, 2013

The Groom's Halo (and a Surprise Recessional)!

One of the things I love most about officiating at weddings is that each ceremony is different, although sometimes there are similar elements.  For example, there's a verse called "The Art of Marriage" that many couples like to include in their ceremonies because of the beautiful and realistic wording.  Most of the time, I see tears and an occasional chuckle when the verse is being read -- but this past weekend's wedding evoked much more!

From getting to know Chelsea & Seth, I knew that Seth was a bit of a joker -- and as I came to the line of the verse and read "It is not expecting you, Seth, to wear a halo," the room exploded in laughter!  I paused to let the laughter stop, then poked my head out and said, "I guess that means he usually doesn't wear one!" and more laughter ensued.  

Their ceremony came to a close, they kissed, and were presented as the newly married couple -- but there was one more laugh-inducing moment -- surprise recessional music!  What started out as sounding exactly like the first few notes of the "Wedding March" turned out to be the first notes of the "Throne Room End Title" from Star Wars (listen to the music and you'll see what I mean!).  When the guests (and I!) realized what it was, the entire room erupted in laughter -- and Chelsea & Seth walked down the aisle with their arms in the air and big smiles on their faces!

But wait, the story's not over -- there's one more big laugh! After the ceremony, I asked the videographer if he would take a picture of me with the newlyweds, and he happily obliged -- I didn't look at the photo until I got home later that night, but when I saw it, I couldn't believe my eyes -- here's the photo -- do you see it?!?!

 Yes, there it is -- Seth has a halo!

We certainly didn't plan the picture that way, but what an amazing coincidence!  

I've said it hundreds of times before, and I'm saying it again -- I love what I do!

Congratulations, Chelsea & Seth -- may you share a long, happy, healthy, and laugh-filled life together!


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