Friday, September 28, 2012

Celebrity Wedding Look Series: 10 Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Its common knowledge that a typical celebrity will never attend an important occasion without being vetoed and certified head to toe by expert and very well paid stylists.  Now imagine how much more thought and deliberation goes into a typical celebrity's entire look on their wedding day.

I would imagine that they would be attended to by a huge army of designers and stylists to deal with dress, shoes, hair, jewellery, make-up, underwear and even teeth, nails and skincare.  This is quite simply the reason why they get their event looks so right and attain the style many of us dream of but just do not know how to put together or pull off.

Our 'Celebrity Wedding Dresses to Inspire You' post was so successful and viewed so many times, we have decided to have a Celebrity Wedding Look Series over the next few weeks to show what the celebrities' preferences were for various aspects of their wedding style.

Katherine Heigl Wedding Hairstyle
Katherine Heigl 

This week, we are featuring celebrity wedding hairstyles.  We will be showing you pictures of 10 celebrity wedding hairstyles that we love which may help you in making that big decision on how best to wear your wedding hair. 

Enjoy and feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.

Katherine Heigl Wedding Hairstyle
Side View - Katherine Heigl
Amy Smart - Wedding Hairstyles
Amy Smart

Alicia Keys - Celebrity Wedding Hair
Alicia Keys
Army Wives Star - Sally Pressman - Wedding Hairstyle
Sally Pressman
Sally Pressman - Wedding Hairstyle
Sally Pressman - Alternate View
Hilary Duff Wedding Hairstyle
Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff Wedding Hairstyle
Side View - Hilary Duff
Eva Longoria Wedding Hairstyle
Eva Longoria
Candice Crawford Wedding Hairstyle
Candice Crawford
Kim Kardashian Wedding Hairstyle
Kim Kardashian

Sherry Shephard Wedding Hairstyle
Sherry Shephard
Jessica Simpson Wedding Hairstyle
Jessica Simpson

Please leave your comments and let us know what you will be doing with your wedding hair, what you would have done and what you completely hate.

Many blessings,

Lisa xx

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