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Gujarati Rituals for a Perfect Wedding

The people of Gujarat are known by their rich, vibrant culture. They are warm and cheerful people, who love to celebrate festivals with fervour. This is reflected in Gujarati marriages as well. The Gujrati wedding rituals are simple and fun filled. There is a blend of traditions and ingenuousness, making Gujarati weddings a sheer delight.

Gujrati's love to celebrate all their festivals and ceremonies with great pomp and spectacle and Gujarati marriages ceremonies are no exception. The colourful clothing, dancing, delicious cuisines and grand ambience, places Gujarati Wedding Ceremonies among the most interesting wedding ceremonies in the whole world. Like other Indian Weddings, the Gujarati Wedding is also full of various poojas and interesting traditional Gujarati Rituals.

The vivacity and the spirit of life are portrayed for the state of Gujarat where marriages are performed with vibrancy and liveliness. The Gujratis mainly follow the community spills within the rituals of life and grandeur. You can have grandeurs with all the show up for a perfect aristocratic marriage. You will be noticing grand ambience, picturesque, beautiful dances, colourful clothing, and vibrancy all over the ceremony. The cuisines that are being seen here are quite a delish in their whole way.

Apart from the whole Gujarati Rituals lots of other offerings are given to different Hindu lords who are in favour of these rituals.

Sagai or engagement -

This takes place for the approval of the whole wedding and then it is being given a shape of perfect wedding ceremony. You can also call this occasion as a pre marriage ritual.

Mandap Muharat, Mehndi & Pithi

All these rituals are part of the pre wedding customs.

Grihshanti Pooja

A ritual for domestic peace which is performed before the wedding at both the bride's and groom's house.


The night before the wedding this ritual of a group dance performance takes place.

On the wedding day, the following rituals are performed.

Madhuparka -

It is a ceremony where the groom's feet is being washed and followed by the serving of milk and honey in case of an appreciation for love.

'Juta Churai':

Apart from these romantic and serious rituals there are other fun loving performances like 'Juta Churai' where the groom's shoes are being intentionally stolen by bride's sisters.

Kanya Agamana ,Varmala ,Mangal Phera, and Kanya Daan and Hasta Milap-

All these Gujarati Rituals are performed during the wedding in their respective order. All of them have of their own significance for an ultimate union of the young couples. All the mantras and even chanting of the offerings are taken in an auspicious way.

You will be getting an ethnic feel in case of the Gujarati Rituals.

Gujarati Rituals are something that is taken as a traditional idea to update all the best ideologies to forecast some of the great marriages all round the world indeed. Make sure that you are having the right knowledge about Gujarati Rituals to make a wedding more special. source.


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