Saturday, April 7, 2012

When Should I Book a Wedding DJ For My Reception

When the wedding is being planned the couple will want the best of everything and unfortunately if the plans are not made well in advance there is a fair chance that all they will be left with is second rate everything.

Halls will be booked up early and trying to get the church you want a few weeks before the wedding is going to prove to be very difficult. In the same way booking too far in advance can also bring its own problems. A couple of years is a long time for people to book ahead and if you ask the DJ to save that weekend they may want a deposit even though the date is so far off. Within a year or so they may decide to have a different career so unless you want to be phoning them every few months to check they are still OK for the day then it will be best to leave it until a little nearer to the time.

Once the majority of the ideas are in place it will be time to then consider who to hire as a DJ. Knowing when to book a wedding DJ is not rocket science but there does need to be a lot of common sense involved. If you are leaving it a few months before the big day it is very likely that all of the good ones will have been booked up. Often they will only want to do one reception a week so even if your wedding is not on a Saturday they may not be in a position to do an extra event.

If you don't get the wedding DJ booking right there could be a hefty bill to pay. The price could shoot up dramatically of they know you are desperate and you could pay way over the odds or end up with someone you would never have booked if you were not desperate.

The ideal time to book will be around 6-12 months before the reception. This give plenty of time to meet with the DJ and tell them what is required and get an idea of whether you think they are right or not. While it may not be too polite ask them a few questions about song library and see if they have a good knowledge of music.

It will also be a good idea to see if the reception location provides any equipment. If the DJ has less carrying and messing around there may be a little knocked off the bill. The location of the event may also mean that there will be a limit to how loud the music can be so check that the wedding reception DJ has a limiter fitted or can fit one.

Finally remember that the decisions are all yours. The DJ may give tips about the most popular first dances and what normally gets the dance floor full but if you don't like the sound of it let them know and insist on certain things.

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