Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weddings Are Made Simple With Apps For Mobile Devices

You have decided against a wedding planner and now you are in panic mode. You do not have any idea of where to even begin, although this is a day you have thought about for years. You have an idea of what you want but that is about it. Well do not despair , weddings are made simple with the new wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

These apps can help you from start to finish, the best advice you can get when planning a wedding is to set the date far enough in the future to allow you time to plan properly. The average small wedding will take up to 6 months to plan to perfection. By giving yourself ample time to procure all the necessary venues and vendors you leave little room for error.

The wedding planner apps for iPhone, iPad and Android are the modern day answer to having bulky organizers and day planners. You will also not have to lug those heavy wedding gown books around from place to place. The key to planning a wedding is in the organization. These apps have to-do lists and include a reminder function so that you do not forget important dates and payments.

The most important thing you need to do when planning a wedding is to stick to your budget. The wedding apps all have a function that tracks your spending. You simply input your total budget amount into the program and then you add the items you have purchased or intend to purchase and their prices; the app does the calculations for you.

Start with the budget from the very beginning this way you do not overspend on items. Decide how much of the total amount you want to spend on items like these:

Wedding gown


Wedding rings

Wedding website

Wedding invitations

Taxes and tips



Food and beverages

The chapel or hall

The reception hall



The rehearsal venue and meal

The honeymoon

This is just the short list. To make the wedding unique you will add your own touches and this too needs to be considered from the very start. Be sure to plan your wedding budget for all the individual works which helps you to minimize the expense on one thing itself. Also the order of the to do list is important which saves you lot of time and energy.

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