Friday, March 30, 2012

Canvas + Lamp Project

I was leafing through the DIY Magazine and I found this awesome project where you drip acrylic paint on a spray-painted canvas.  
The directions recommend you use 3 acrylic paints, 3 recycled shampoo bottles, grey spray paint, an old shower curtain, and a canvas.  
It has been REALLY windy lately-- so my spray-painting wasn't so easy!  I didn't have a shower curtain laying around, so I used a kids table cover from Michael's-- 20 cents baby!
I dripped my first color.
Then I flipped it upside down and dripped my second color.  It was windy and my canvas flipped over into the pooled paint on my table cover.  It got "messy" but I just went with it!
And then finally flipped it again and dripped my third color.
I decided to take this project a step further and make John's night stand lamp match the canvas.  I spray painted the lamp shade grey.  It wasn't easy to drip the paint on the lamp shade because the fabric is more porous than the canvas.  Live and learn!
After I painted the lamp shade I realized it didn't match the lamp base.  To remedy this, I primed the base and then painted it using a full tube of Martha glitter paint in Antique Silver.  (I think that's the name!)  Here's a little before and after:
Side note: Have you seen the paint ball swatches at Michael's that show you what the paint looks like?  The glitter one is SO glittery.  Not at all what the glitter paint looks like when you use it!  After what felt like my 90th coat of paint I imagined Martha making Joey (from the Martha Stewart Show) paint all of her paint swatch balls.  Joey's crying, "Martha! My hands are so tired!  I've been painting this ball forever and it still has bald spots!" and Martha snaps at Joey, "If you want to come to Orlando with me for the Pillsbury Bake Off then you better keep painting and hush!"  Ha!  I'm such a craft dork :)

I wanted the glittery base to look like the ocean when it's sunny-- you know, the diamonds on the water!  John says it looks "fabulous" and thinks it's a little too effeminate for his night stand.  I understand that being the husband of a craft addict can be trying sometimes, so I tackled the clutter on my night stand and made the lamp a new home.

P.S.  I'm basically using "candle safety" when I use the lamp-- just until I'm positive that it's not going to combust :)

The first image is from and the rest of the images are my own.  


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