Monday, March 19, 2012

Blog Positivity Week

Have you noticed the "Blog Positivity Week" button around the blogtown lately?  Blog Positivity week was started by Ashley from After Nine to Five-- she's one of the sweetest, realest bloggers I know!  Blog Positivity Week is an opportunity for bloggers, both big and small, to reach out, support each other, be nice, and spread the love!  And today is the first day!!!   I am so excited to participate!  

Blogging Positivity Week is a great reminder of why I blog in the first place!  I write Mister G and Me to inspire my readers.  I want to show people that you don't have to think you are "creative" or "artistic" or "coordinated" (haha) to enjoy making something.  Sometimes my projects frustrate me for one reason or another-- but that usually means I'm letting my perfectionism rob me of the joy of creating!  I just love making things.  It's a way to express my creativity and make something with my hands.  I espeically love making something from nothing and the feeling of accomplishment that follows!  I love getting compliments on things I've made.  I want to share all of the joy crafting, DIY-ing, and baking bring me! 

And now, time for a little weekend update:
This weekend was amazing!  First, I have big news!!!  Mister G and Me reached 100,000 page views in 204 days!  Yayyy!!!  So I celebrated over the weekend!  Friday afternoon Garrett and I walked to the French bakery and got ourselves some treats.  The sun was shining and the baby birds were busy chirping in their nests.  I ordered my usual, a decaf iced latte and an almond twist and we sat on the patio.  John stopped by to get in on the fun before he scooted out of town to watch the Marquette game.  Speaking of out of town husbands on Friday nights... You guessed it!  I went craft shopping and did some damage!
This weekend also involved swimming in the ocean, running with Mister G, an afternoon nap, amazing authentic Italian food, a little work, a little yoga, and something I like to call "Dessert for Dinner Date Night".  Jaxson's is my favorite ice cream place!  All of the servers wear candy striped uniforms and they sell old-fashioned candy and toys by the cash register.  I had no idea my sundae would be that big!  I didn't come close to finishing it!  Today I woke up with a big stomach ache (surprise) but it was totally worth it!

What did you do this weekend?  Thanks for stopping by today!  xo, Ashley


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