Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anthropologie Wallpaper Cards Tutorial

I went to my mailbox last week and found a package from Anthropologie!  I was so excited--someone must have sent me a present!!!  Then I remembered I had requested wallpaper swatches.  Silly me!    
Aren't they so beautiful?!!
I decided to make greeting cards with the beautiful swatches.  You could use wallpaper swatches, paper from magazines or books, fabric, or photographs.  You will also need blank cards and a method of application-- scrapbooking adhesive tape, glue, sewing machine, etc.  
 I used my paper cutter to cut the swatch in half.  The top half was glued to the paper that describes the wallpaper but the bottom half isn't attached.  I trimmed the top half so the description paper doesn't show on the sides.
Apply your adhesive.
Fix your swatch to your card.
You can see several cards with stitching in the picture below.  It adds a lovely texture to the cards!  To stitch your card together, simply center your swatch to the card and sew just as you would with fabric.  I only used the sewing method with my single-layer bottom half swatches.  I felt the description sheet+swatch+card might be too taxing on my little sewing machine.  
Hope you enjoy making your cards!  I'd love to see pictures of your handiwork!  Tweet me @MisterGandMe or post them on Mister G's Facebook page!  xo, Ashley


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