Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding Reception in a Gorgeous Marquee... Lots of Ideas in Pictures plus Spotlight on Chelsea Hire Marquees

To celebrate our attendance of the MK (Milton Keynes) Marquee Wedding Fair on the 23rd of September 2012, we have decided to feature Marquee wedding receptions in this week's post. The Wedding Fair has been organised by Silver Linings and Chelsea Hire and would feature exhibitions by 20 exclusive wedding suppliers to delight and inform you for your big day; Estilo Moda, being one of them. Click Here to find more details about the wedding fair.

Marquees can be erected in any location where there is adequate space and the possibilities for decorating them are endless.  I have been to many marquee weddings where the atmosphere felt very classy and luxurious but of course like anything else in life, some effort has to be put into achieving this as unlike in a castle where the venue is impressive already, your marquee decor could either make or break the entire setting of your wedding reception.

I have learnt so much about wedding marquees by researching the amazing work of Chelsea Hire Marquees.  They really do go the distance to help you achieve the look that you are after and they demonstrate the versatility of using a Marquee for your wedding by providing endless decor options to suit your theme; be it a daytime or night time reception.

A picture speaks a thousand words and so I will leave you with some pictures I have borrowed from their website:

Do meet us at the wedding fair and get 10% off your total order plus see a sneak preview of a few pieces from our pilot wedding dress collection.


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