Monday, May 7, 2012

Life Post: Sicky Poo

Last week I had one of the worst colds I've ever had.  I guess you could say it started on Saturday, April 29th.  I went for a long (for me) run and felt a little asthma-ish.  I felt crazy tired that day but chalked it up to my run.  The next day I felt very tired and  a little sick.  Monday came and it hit me in the face.  I woke up, looked at John and started to say "I think I'm sick"-- but before I could finish a big, barking cough stopped me. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were spent on the couch with Mister G sleeping and watching old TV reruns.  Mister G would sleep all day on the couch with me, so come night time he wasn't tired and would bark all night for my attention.  On Friday I was feeling better so I went to my sewing lesson and I felt like I had a new lease on life!  5 days of pajamas and lemon ice can make you pretty stir-crazy!  It wasn't half way through my lesson before I realized my cold was still lingering.  I started coughing again and I was exhausted after just a few hours.

Saturday I was feeling almost 100% so John and I rented a boat in the Keys and went exploring.  The amazingness of the day will be highlighted in another soon-to-come post.  What felt like a celebration of good health quickly turned into the opening ceremony for another miserable experience.  Sun poisoning.  I was wearing sunscreen-- but clearly not enough.

The sun poisoning symptoms are subsiding-- but my sunburn hurts so bad!!!  Pretty much all daily life activities are extra painful.  Sleeping, showering (I'm assuming), sitting, walking...  Hopefully I'll start to feel a little bit better and can get back on my craft grind!  My goal for tomorrow is to cross a few items of my crafting to-do list!  How was your weekend?  xo, Ashley


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