Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inspiration: Johnny Swing and his Nickel Couch

I get really inspired when I see artists using ordinary, usual objects to make something really spectacular!  What could be more ordinary than coins?  
Meet Johnny Swing and his Nickel Couch.  Mr. Swing designed an original furniture series from coins!  
He said, "It was about taking what was a useless piece of money and kind of making it special again."   The Nickel Couch is my favorite in the series.  It is made from 7,000 nickels and 35,000 welds hold it together.  
Quarter Chair
Loose Change Chair

I really enjoyed reading the article Johnny Swing Turns Cold Hard Cash & Currency Into Furniture & Textiles. Literally from If It's Hip, It's Here.  Check it out to see more pieces from the series and to learn more about the process behind making these amazing works of art!  

All photographs are from the artist, via If It's Hip, It's Here.


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