Thursday, May 31, 2012

After-Gym Bag Tutorial

I had the opportunity to guest post on The Sasse Life recently!  I shared a tutorial on how to make an "After-Gym Bag" using a reusable bag.  Click here to get the tutorial!  I really had a great time making this project-- Hope you like it!
"Have you ever felt amazing after working out only to realize you have to run to the grocery store now and you look a fright?  Sounds like you need an "after-gym" bag!   Before you think about buying a cute little pouch to hold your freshening up necessities-- take a look around your house.  I bet you have everything you need to make one!"
Be sure to check out The Sasse Life.  Kim, the author of the blog, is an amazing lady!  She sells handmade jewelry in her shop, Loved, and 50% of every sale is donated to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  


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