Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Update: Life Behind the Crafts

Last week I was too busy talking about ice cream to get into the other details of the weekend. 
To recap, John and I did a LOT of kayaking.  {1} On Saturday we kayaked to a deserted island called Rattlesnake Key.  {2} I found a baby crab. {3} We bought snorkels, fins, and a dive flag and did some snorkeling! {4} Saturday was glorious.  Sunday... not so much!  The tide changed and we found ourselves paddling in really shallow water with a super fast current.
Last week John's parents visited over their spring break.  We had a great time! {5} John's mom brought me a box of Thin Mints, which were scarfed down in about 20 hours.  No shame--I could easily finish box in an hour but I was pacing myself this year. {6} Garrett was a gracious host to a large family of fleas.  He was not excited for his flea bath and I wasn't too excited to pay the exterminator. {7} Every year I curl my hair because I forget that my hair WILL NEVER CURL.  I spent at least an hour curling my hair and it was so gorgeous... Until I took a step and my luscious curls bounced like a Pantene commercial and drooped into nothing.  {8} My jalapeños are growing!
{9 & 10} I went to the forest preserve with my friend Jackie.  Isn't she so cute!  I love watching the bugs and the lizards in the lily pond.  {11} Speaking of lizards, how adorable is this baby lizard in my mail box?!  {12} I visited the "Best US Beach" this weekend.  It's in Siesta Key and the sand felt like flour!  Sugar white sand!!!  I can't wait to go back!
We went on a roadie this weekend.  {13 & 14} Garrett was really into exploring at the hotel and loved sleeping in bed with us.
{17} I worked on my embroidery swap project and I can't wait to share it with you this week :)  {18} Garrett was barking at night this week- and I thought it was because his skin was still irritated from the fleas.  Turns out he had an ear infection! Poor baby.  He was so good at the vet.  {20} G was super cozy on the ride home from Siesta Key.  He was yawning and snuggling with me.  Nothing better than a cuddly dog... except maybe a baby :)  How was your weekend?  xoxo, Ashley


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