Monday, April 16, 2012

Ways in Choosing Your Wedding Color

You will be busy preparing your wedding after you have settled down everything, you have to taken everything into consideration like picking your wedding theme, your wedding dress, wedding ring, everything that is just related to your wedding. Sometimes it is really hard to make a choice because you just want everything on your wedding to be perfect. Since the development of internet make it easier for us to obtain information we want, you can just search on the internet. Here this article is going to give you some tips in choosing your wedding color, hope it can help you to some extent.

The first and most widely used is neutral colors which are black and white. Black varies from deepest black to light gray, white varies from snow white to milky or creamy white. Neutral colors are the most classic colors and go with any other colors, and the combination of black and white is also regarded as omnipotent. If you want a simple and quite wedding environment, you can just choose black or white as the background color, then choose any other colors as decorative color. Here is an example, if you choose white tablecloth, you can choose a pink napkin.

If you want active and bold wedding theme, you can choose other bright colors, there is no utter choices. The principal step is to choose the suitable main color. Once you have decided the main color, you can just choose different shades of the same color to match it. If you prefer yellow, you can choose from light yellow to orange or brown, those intermediate colors go with each other smoothly and fluently.

If you are the one with strong personality, you can also choose opposite colors for your wedding, this can make your wedding theme very unique and outstanding. The collocation of warm color with cold color is a perfect choice. Here is a simple example, if your wedding dress is in the color of rose red, you can choose turquoise blue bridesmaid dresses for your friends, the collide of these two colors can give a strong visual shock to all the guests.

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