Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stitch Swap Project

I participated in the Stitch Swap hosted by Mollie from Wild Olive.  The stitch swap works like this-- you sign up and are given a person's name and colors/themes they like.  Then you embroider a hoop and mail it to them.  Someone else gets your name and sends you a hoop.  The person I was making my hoop for likes pink and green and a "whimsical" theme.  I'm not going to lie-- I had no idea what constitutes as whimsical!  I interpreted it to be uneven letters.  :)  I really enjoyed making my hoop and I hope the recipient likes it too!  
I had never "finished" a hoop before-- meaning closing off the back so you can't see any threads.  I followed this tutorial and finished mine with pink felt in the back.  It looked great when I mailed it off to my new friend.

Do you embroider?  Post pictures of your work to Mister G's Facebook page!  Have a great day!

xo, Ashley

P.S. Mollie will be hosting another Stitch Swap this fall.  You should follow her blog and sign up when it the next round starts up again!


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