Friday, April 13, 2012

Pretty Curly Hair Style

Want to get pretty curly hair??? It's very simple and easy.

The simplest and easiest method is Braid your hair. It is the most natural way to curl your hair.
wash your hair normally as you do. Let it dry. by itself naturally. The number and thickness of braid will depend on how curly your hair. The important thing is to braid tightly, because a looser braid create more of wave than a curl. Be sure to start as close as possible to scalp.

Braid  the hair that is slightly wet also helps when curling your hair. braid your hair and sleep overnight. If you're worried that it will get messed up while you sleep, you can use a shower cap or something to protect it.

Take out all your bands. Don't use a brush to separate your hair. Slowly comb through each curl with finger or wide toothed comb.Fluff it up and have fun with it.

Hope you love it !!!


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