Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ivy's DIY Easter Basket

I made little Ivy an Easter basket this year.  I couldn't find the perfect basket so I crafted up a cute one!
I stopped at the thrift store first and picked out a basket.  I looked for a clean one that was the right size-- not too big, not too small.  Then I took it home and cleaned it with bleach spray.  You could probably use vinegar or some natural spray-- but I felt better about knowing it was clean and baby safe.   I left it out in the sun for a few hours to dry.  Next I used spray paint primer and gave it a good coat.  After the primer dried I painted 2 coats of Martha Stewart craft paint in Hydrangea Purple.  It would have been easier to spray paint, but with a little patience I painted the basket with a paint brush and achieved the perfect color.  
Ivy is holding a "Dirty Dog".  They have muddy spots that wash off in the bath.  The white one looks just like Mister G.  You can also see some egg shakers in her basket.  
Seriously, she is so adorable!
My DIY senses are totally tingling now!  I feel like a world of possibilities has just opened up for me.  All of the baskets I run across are usually either ugly or expensive-- so naturally, I haven't given baskets a fair chance!  I'm on the lookout now for a picnic basket and also a big basket to be used for a hamper.  Let me tell you, custom color, a thrifty price tag, and an afternoon of DIY really get me going!  


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