Monday, April 16, 2012

Ivy and the Peanut

Hello my loves!  How was your weekend? I have a super funny story to share today!
My family was visiting last week, as you might recall... One evening, my sister Megan was nursing Ivy in her room.  I came in, chatted a little bit about how far Meg had read in Hunger Games, and noticed a peanut on her nightstand.  Without any thought at all, I said "ooooh, a peanut!" and popped it in my mouth.  Right away, I was like, "stale..." and then Meg started to laugh uncontrollably.
Meg said, "I don't know how or why-- and I'm a little embarrassed... I changed Ivy's diaper yesterday and found the peanut in her diaper."  I stopped chewing and almost threw up!  "Why would you keep it?  Why would you put it on your nightstand and not throw it away with the diaper?" Meg said she was so confused as to why the peanut was in the diaper and it seemed logical at the time to put the peanut on her nightstand. No one really knows how the peanut got in Ivy's diaper-- but what we do know is that the diaper was a really wet one and I chewed that peanut up real good and spit it out.


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