Monday, April 30, 2012

How To Save Your Sewing Patterns

I started sewing lessons this week, and boy did I learn a lot!  My sewing teacher taught me how to create a copy of my sewing patterns.  This is a great habit to get into because it extends the life of your patterns.  It's also really helpful when you are sewing clothes for babies and kids because they grow.  For example, I made a copy of my pattern in size small for baby Ivy and I can copy the original pattern again in a few months to make her a larger size.  

When you buy a pattern, you should transfer it to a big piece of sturdy paper.  First, cut your pattern carefully into big pieces.  Then tape one of the pieces you will be using to a big window using a small piece of tape.  Just a little piece on the top and the sides should be enough.  
Then tape a big piece of paper suitable for tracing on top of the pattern.  You could tape together computer paper if you don't have any big paper.
Study your pattern to see which markings are important to your piece and trace them on the big paper.  If you pattern has straight lines, just trace the 90 degree corners and you can fill the lines in with a straightedge later.  If you have curved lines, draw dashes to follow the line.  (You can draw dashes for straight lines too-- if you want to!)  Don't forget to write the pattern piece number, brand name, pattern number, how many pieces to cut from which fabric.  Your pattern should have markings for each size.  Only trace the marking for the size you will be making.
 Take a look at the original pattern again to make sure you didn't miss any important markings.

 Use a straight-edge to draw lines from corner to corner.  Now it's time to cut out your pattern.
Ta-da!! Now you have a super sturdy pattern that you can use over and over and over without tearing!

I can't wait for my next lesson.  I've been sewing for a long time-- but I've never learned the right way to do it.  I just love my sewing teacher!  She is the sweetest lady-- she sews clothing for orphans and makes baby bereavement gowns for charity too.  I've been showing her how to blog so hopefully I'll be able to introduce you to her soon!

Have a great week friends!  XO, Ashley


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