Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wedding Favors for Family and Friends

Wedding favors are perfect gifts for the people involved in the wedding process and, of course, the actual wedding. On that day, the bride and the groom traditionally give gifts to their guests. There are also favors for the wedding-on-a-budget. These favors include personalized ribbons, pocket watches, key chains, card frames, and photo frames, among other budget gifts. Votive candleholders can also be great to give to the couple's cherished guests.

During bridal showers, it is customary for the bride to give gifts to the female members of the wedding entourage. Some of the generic wedding favors to be given on a bridal shower are votive candle kits, bubble bath kits, and mint candy kits. The bride may also appeal to a woman's natural vanity. Thus, the bride may give her special ladies personalized fashion and beauty gifts.Bridal shower gifts to pamper female entourage members like bridesmaids and the maid of honor include personalized manicure and pedicure sets, lip balms, compact mirrors, cosmetic bags, tote bags, pouches, umbrellas, jewelry boxes, trinket trays, perfumes, and intricately designed towels in the shapes of cake slices and long-stemmed roses.Even groomsmen also deserve the groom's appreciation.

For the groom on a budget, he has a choice of various items to give to his friends. These gifts include personalized flasks, Zippo lighters, cigarette cases, pocket knives, key chains, business card cases, pocket watches, personalized money clips, and jewelry items like cufflinks. Even useful items like can koozies can be given to all the members of the entourage of both genders. There are various nifty ideas for wedding souvenirs. Some favorite choices are wine/bartop favors, cookie cutters, wedding candles, coasters, coffee/tea favors, utensils, place card frames, place card holders, key chains, bookmarks, soap bars, wedding bells, photo albums, photo frames, stationery, compact mirrors, and crystal/glass items, among other gift items.

For the couple on a limited budget, there are stores and websites that cater to their needs. Most of these items cost about a dollar. However, it is not the amount that is important, but it is the thought that matters the most. No matter what the budget is, wedding guests will be sure to appreciate the gifts and souvenirs given by the couple.A practical budget wedding souvenir is a frosted resin shell-shaped bottle stopper. Nowadays, it is the norm to give glass coasters as wedding souvenirs. These glass coasters are dual-purpose.

They can be used as coasters or can be used as photo frames. Some dainty wedding souvenirs include cookie cutters, utensils, and tea sets. Items that can be tagged as coffee/tea favors are coffee mugs, honey pots with wooden dippers, coffee spoons, ceramic sugar bowls, and strawberry jams.Wedding favors make the wedding events - from the bridal showers to the wedding rehearsals to the actual wedding - very memorable. Souvenirs aside, a guest or a member of the wedding entourage should know that partaking in a couple's special event is a privilege indeed and that one gets to witness the culmination of the love of two people.

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