Friday, March 16, 2012

Quilt Update: A Surprise Ending

Remember when I said I was going to make a quilt?  Yeah... That didn't go great.  

I had wanted to make a quilt to keep in my car for picnics, beach outings, etc.  The goal was to use the fabric in my stash and not spend any money on new fabric.  After I cut squares from my stash fabric, I  realized I needed way more squares than originally thought.  I went through my closet and picked out clothes that didn't look great on me.  I really love to wear "comfortable" clothing that sometimes makes you look awful in pictures.  And in my case, sometimes means always.  I cut up my clothes-- and some of John's too.  I didn't have enough of each fabric to make a pattern-- and definitely not enough variety for a patchwork quilt.  
To add some variety to my fabrics, I tried my hand with the Clorox pen on solid colored t-shirts.  I taped plastic grocery bags to my counter and drew designs on the shirts with the bleach pen.  It's kind of messy-- and the pen doesn't go very far.  I found the higher quality fabric has the nicest results.  (I didn't make the tiny polka-dot print above with the bleach pen.  I threw my red polka-dot sundress into the wash with the bleach shirts and it came out a pretty pink!)
This is my first attempt at "quilting" and it shows!  I was so frustrated with the sloppy "squares".  I folded up my homely piece, buried it in my fabric stash, and ignored it for months.  The other day I noticed it and felt the twinge of guilt that comes from hoarding craft projects that, let's not kid ourselves, I have no intention of finishing.

And then inspiration struck!  As Mister G gets older, he likes to walk in circles in his crate and find what I like to think is his preferred sleeping position.  Every night when I put G in his crate and I crawl into bed, his nails click-clack on the crate floor and I lay awake listening to him.  *lightbulb moment!*  Aha!  Sew the quilted material into a pillow for Mister G's crate!!! 
Mister G has had a few pillows before-- but he's mistaken every one for a restroom.  Have I mentioned it took 4 years to potty train him?  Let's hope for the best!  I'm happy to report that Mister G loves his new pillow!
If you want to make a pillow for your pups crate-- just measure your crate tray and add an inch to both the length and width for seam allowance.  Place right sides together and stitch 3 sides up.  Turn the fabric right side out and stuff it with a bag of loosely fluffed stuffing.  Tuck the edges inside of the pillow, pin the edge, and then stitch it closed.  Hope your pooch loves his new pillow as much as G loves his!  xo, Ashley and Mister G
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