Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How To Make A Weeding Stages Simple Yet Gorgeous

How To Make A Weeding Stages Simple Yet Gorgeous

Wedding is the most memorable ceremony in an adult's life. A charming marriage ceremony is desired by all. The first and foremost thing that is seen on a wedding ceremony is the Stages where the bride and groom are seated upon. Wedding Stages vary with religion, culture and region.

In the Western Countries, Stages aren't seen in the ceremony itself. After the wedding ceremony they set up an event called ‘reception', this is when we get to encounter with the Stages. The idea of their Stages is quite simple yet innovative. They use lights and vivid colored clothes (i.e. white, blue, pink, purple, and golden) to make the Stages to appear very enchanting. This serves them the purpose of energy saving too. The western or precisely saying non-Asian Stages has their own simplicity which is charming as well. They use some flower and little art-work among the lights and colored nettings, which increases the beauty of the Stages even more.

The use of bright colors is not only bound to the Stages. The bride even matches the gown color with the Stages that makes another gorgeous impression on the attendees. Unlike our culture, they use potted flowers on their Stages, and the flowers are mostly Rose and Orchid. Now we see this sort of simple Stages decoration in our country as well. The simple decoration gives an impression of being ‘down to earth'. Whereas gorgeous and sparkling Stages decoration reflects the richness of your mind.
Choose simple or gorgeous, the importance of wedding Stages will stay constant. It brings up many a memory. If your option is simple and down to earth, you should think of the wedding Stages that are applied in the western side of the globe.

Yes, the traditional variation of decorating weeding Stages can be adopted to make your dream weeding Stages much more unique and outstanding. To bring the uniqueness and variation to the decoration you must think out of the box for your weeding Stages decoration. Not only the traditional and cultural variation of the design of the Stages, you can bring the new idea on the table to make it more outrageous for the wedding. The western hemisphere decorating the weeding Stages varies among the different. The obvious reason behind this is the choice and the test of the specific tradition. Whatever the trend you want to follow the main aim of the weeding Stages is to make it unique and outstanding.

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